tRaum Books

by June Martin || It's either the weirdest house ever or the roommate from hell.
All our palm-sized novellas! Hot and fresh!
Nine torrid tales from the creative trenches!
by yves. || You always knew something isn't right.
by Briar Ripley Page || Angels, ghosts, insanity, and murder.
by Zilla Novikov || I dread not hearing from you.
by Lachelle Seville || Dracula's back and she's not happy with Bram Stoker...
by Tucker Lieberman || Get ready!!!
by Dael Akkerman || Twelve thousand years ago, She chose two girls to save humanity...
by Bryan Cebulski || Jules leaves. Gabriel rages. Estelle changes. Joshua hides....
by Clarissa Pattern || Two boys find danger, love, adventure--and Shakespeare!
by Rysz Merey || My God, help me survive this deadly love.
by R Merey || aka 'You can't get fucked by the same river twice.'
by Rachel A. Rosen and Zilla Novikov || Food you can make so you don't die.