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by Clarissa Pattern

"John is a character befitting so many of Shakespeare's creations. He is Puck, Ariel, Juliet, and Viola all rolled into one... Airy Nothing is a rare book, indeed. Magical and airy, delightful and intriguing, a tribute work to Shakespeare and an exceptional work of art by this talented author."

--A Historical Fiction Company Silver Medalist for Best Historical Fantasy of 2021

When you’ve always been told you’re wrong, finding a place that accepts you can be the most magical thing in the world.

John has always seen things others could not see. He runs away to fabled London to find his fortune, but all he finds are grimy streets, rife with hangings and disease. Black Jack is a fast-talking pickpocket ready to show John a new life in the big city. When John first sees Shakespeare’s wondrous Globe theatre, he becomes convinced that this is where he truly belongs. But can Black Jack resist the urge to make some easy coin off of his new, naïve friend? And can John step up to the stage before the beast of the city swallows them both? AIRY NOTHING is a magical period tale of two boys finding friendship, love, and acceptance in seething Elizabethan London.

Limited edition paperback of the novel. Printed and shipped from Germany.

[170mm x 240mm x 22mm size, matte cover, 253 pages, plus a specially designed bookmark.]

Shakespeare // magical realism // romantic-friendship // adventure

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